Treating Every Family Law Case With Care For 15-Plus Years

Because I have a family of my own, I know how important it is to get your family law case right. Whether you are going through a divorce or adopting a child, how your attorney works with you can make a difference for your future.

Some lawyers will treat you like a number. I never will. I do all of my law work myself, never passing clients on to a paralegal or another attorney. I know that a strong dedication to your case — and compassion for you — is essential. I have treated every client with utmost respect for his or her situation during more than 15 years as an attorney.

Contact my law offices in Brownsville, Texas, to arrange a consultation about your family law case involving:

  • Divorce
  • Child support
  • Alimony/spousal support
  • Post-divorce modification
  • Adoption

Financial Issues In Divorce: 'What Do I Get?'

When we sit down to go over your financial situation, we will talk about retirement plans, life insurance, your home, bank accounts and other property such as cars, ATVs, boats and vacation property. We will also discuss how your debt factors into your divorce. Many people do not realize they are entitled to part of their spouse's retirement account or half of their car, among other things. I will explain the Texas laws regarding which property can be divided (your community property) and which property each spouse can keep (your separate property).

Divorce Mediation

In Cameron County, every case must go through mediation before it can go before a judge. During divorce mediation, you and your spouse will discuss the issues in your divorce with the help of a third-party mediator. Unlike a judge, the mediator cannot make any decisions. The goal of mediation is to have you and your spouse make decisions that work for both of you.

I am a certified mediator. I fully understand the mediation process and can help you ensure your rights are protected throughout it.

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From my volunteer work helping young mothers to my professional career as a family law attorney, I devote my life to helping others through difficult times. Let me help you. Call 956-404-0715 to discuss your divorce, child support, decree modification or adoption case.

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